July 26, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

The Association Executive Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines on July 24th in Washington, D.C. to continue the discussion about comprehensive Scope proposals.

During this session, it became very obvious to your committee that the company isn’t hearing your displeasure about their previous Scope proposals. While there was some movement for our M&R group, their strategy on Fleet continues to be presenting us with inadequate Scope language and hoping for a different outcome.

They assume that by waiting us out our Association will eventually crack and accept their substandard proposals. If we were to agree to some of what is on the table, it would essentially leave our members back in the days of bankruptcy. No matter what you hear, without protecting our work, nothing else matters and we cannot waver in our resolve for a successful outcome.

The company continues to allege that they would like to come to a quick and equitable resolution to these negotiations, but their proposals continue to say otherwise.

Now, more than ever, our members need to let the company know that we remain unified and willing to fight for the best contract in the industry.


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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