June 14, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

Association negotiators met with American Airlines Monday and Tuesday this week. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss minor, but important open issues. Some progress was made, but American remains unreasonable by not settling issues they should be able to agree to. The Company’s public statements that they desire to conclude these negotiations continue to contradict their behavior at the bargaining table.

Association negotiators tested the possibility of moving into the major open issues during this session. While no agreements were reached, some meaningful dialogue was had over the important areas in the Association scope of work positions.

It is important to report that the Company remains firm in their economic demands by insisting we accept their inferior healthcare, retirement, profit sharing, wage and scope proposals. Your support is both appreciated and necessary to convince the Company they should respect their employees who have made it the largest and most profitable airline in history.

The Association demands American Airlines stop wasting everyone’s time negotiating by video and in break rooms and to get back to the bargaining table.


Your Association Negotiating Committee

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