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JCBA Updates and Q & A

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  • John pinley
    June 5, 2019 - 10:45 Reply

    I have a question about how the association works. I’m a TWU 514 member. As you know American Airlines has presented a proposal to the members. In the proposal the IAM mechanics will be offered a $3000. Bridge to the American Airlines health insurance. If we are a combined union then why would the union stand for this. From the twu membership side, we have had the lesser insurance and 5 fewer holidays since the aa/us air merger and association inception. The iam side is being offered compensation to accept the inferior insurance that I have had to burden since the dual union Representation. If your going to negotiate extra compensation then what about the extra insurance cost and lost holidays I worked at straight time pay and they received double time and 1/2 pay.
    If the association is going to represent both groups then represent them equally.

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