As required by the recently ratified Association CBAs, American Airlines has posted the updated seniority lists for all classifications. That posting can be found on JetNet at

Association represented employees may protest any omission or error, which they believe affects their seniority, within thirty (30) days of the posting. Timely submissions received on or before Monday June 15, 2020 will be reviewed and a final determination of seniority, adjustment or denial, will be binding on the parties. Keep in mind that all seniority dates prior to September 16, 2016 were subject to an earlier final and binding protest process. All seniority determinations will be recorded and final revised seniority lists will be posted by the Company. Any employee on leave at the time of posting will have a period of thirty (30) days from his/her date of return to service to file a protest.

The process for submitting all seniority protests is contained on the attached form. Submissions may also be made by email to the following addresses:

TWU M&R Protests may be sent to:

TWU MLS Protests may be sent to:

TWU Fleet may be sent to:

IAM Fleet Protests may be sent to:

IAM Mechanic & Related, MLS and MTS Protests may be sent to: