As we move closer to the ratification vote for the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements with American Airlines, we wanted to provide the members with a sample of the information that will be provided over the next few days via US Mail or by AA Company email. 

In the unlikely event a member does not receive the voter information by US Mail or AA Company email, the following phone numbers will be available for a replacement PIN. A replacement PIN can only be provided to a member if the original PIN has not already been used to cast their vote.  Once a replacement has been issued, the original PIN will be inactive.

TWU Fleet                  520-991-9670
IAM Fleet                   800-396-8481
TWU MLS and M&R 817-938-8787
IAM MLS and M&R  727-415-6628

Only the above phone numbers should be used for a replacement pin, if necessary, and will be available from 9:30am to 7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, March 26.