October 25, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

Since the resumption of mediated negotiations between the Association and American Airlines on September 16, the parties have met multiple days over five weekly sessions. Although progress has been slow, it has been positive and productive. The talks have moved into more serious and in-depth discussions regarding Scope, Insurance and Retirement.

Since resolution to most of the remaining open items rely on reaching an agreement in total, no specific tentative agreements have been signed-off or agreed to. However, we can report on the subjects we have discussed.

In Mechanic and Related Scope, the parties have narrowed their positions on Heavy Maintenance issues, international outsourcing and protected cities in the US. The parties have narrowed all aspects of GSE including scope and named protected cities. We remain apart on Facilities scope. MLS/Stores scope was discussed this week and we have moved closer to agreement.

The parties’ positions have narrowed on Fleet Service Scope specific to the number of cities and flight thresholds in those cities.

Meaningful discussions on all facets of insurance took place this week: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance and Retiree Medical/Sick Time buy out.

Discussions for retirement focused on the design and value of defined-benefit and defined-contribution retirement plans.

By mutual agreement, the parties continue to agree not to release in-depth details of these on-going discussions. At this critical phase of negotiations, this practice keeps the progress of these discussions moving forward.

When we get to the point of an agreement in principal more details will be released. The Executive and full Negotiating Committees appreciate the Memberships’ patience and support through the negotiation process.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume next week in Washington, D.C.

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