August 16, 2019

The National Mediation Board (NMB) held separate meetings with TWU/IAM Association Leadership (first) and American Management (later) on Thursday in Washington D.C. The purpose of the meetings was for the three NMB Board Members to discuss the status of our negotiations with both parties. The Federal Mediators who attended our earlier negotiations were also present. 

Both parties were granted an opportunity to state the reasons they felt were preventing both sides from reaching an agreement. The Association, which was represented by Director Sito Pantoja and Vice Director Alex Garcia, told the Board it is American’s failure to return to the negotiating table that is preventing us from reaching an agreement. The Association also impressed on the Board that there are still five major issues that need to be resolved: Scope, Wages, Profit Sharing, Medical and Retirement.  The Board Members asked follow-up questions about these open issues. Our responses made it crystal clear to the Board that we are willing to negotiate anytime, anywhere. 

The Association also made the Board aware of the Company’s blatant attempt to divide our members by spewing misinformation about the bargaining sessions on Jetnet.

We expect the NMB Board Members to contact both parties next week with their plan for further negotiations.

In other related news, Association Negotiation Committees along with TWU Local and IAM Lodge leadership also met in Washington D.C. to discuss Monday’s court decision, the subsequent court filing by American on Tuesday and the Association’s appeal filed on Wednesday. To be clear, we must comply with the orders of the court. 

Our discussions also reaffirmed that the court orders do not change the objectives of the negotiation committees to obtain the best contract in the industry. After years of sacrifices, an industry leading contract has been earned – and also promised by top American executives.

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