Since American management walked out of talks in late March, the TWU-IAM Association mechanic and related, stores and fleet service negotiating committees have been fully prepared to resume joint contract bargaining and bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion. Instead of making a good faith effort to to reach a fair agreement with 30,000 American Airlines ground workers and get back to work, American management has opted to conduct company-controlled road-shows in an attempt to bypass your negotiating committees. This diversion only serves to prolong the process and prevent Association members from reaping the benefits of a fair joint contract.

“Enough is enough. Association members have waited long enough for a fair joint contract,” said Alex Garcia and Sito Pantoja, Association Chair and Vice Chair, respectively. “The Association has been ready to resume talks since American management walked out of negotiations, but the Company seems more interested in holding their corporate side-shows than they are in reaching a fair agreement. Each day that American management refuses to negotiate is a slap in the face of 30,000 workers.”

In late March, talks broke down as American Airlines Executive Vice President Stephen Johnson—who had never before been in negotiations—stormed out of the room because the Association rejected American’s proposals regarding medical and retirement benefits, wages, scope/job security and profit sharing, which were wholly inadequate.

“We are deeply concerned over American’s refusal to negotiate and their seeming attempt to bend Association members to their will,” continued Garcia and Pantoja. “Make no mistake, we will not bend to American’s will, we stand ready to negotiate and we are fully prepared to mobilize the Association’s significant resources and bring this process to a conclusion that provides 30,000 Association members a fair joint contact that they can be proud of.”