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JCBA Negotiations Update


February 10, 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

The Association Mechanic & Related/Stores Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines the week of February 6, 2017 in DFW. During this week’s session, the Committee exchanged and discussed the following Articles:

Hours of Service – M&R, MLS & MCT – We have reached an agreement in principle on this article and will reach a T/A once the QA, Planner & Technical Documentations Specialists groups reach an agreement, with the company, on their section of this Article.

General and Miscellaneous – We presented our proposal on this Article with the company in this session. This Article encompasses many facets of the CBA and continues to evolve as we progress through the negotiations process. We have narrowed the items that were open; at this point we will set this Article aside and will leave the Article open until the end of the negotiations to ensure complete coverage in the new JCBA.

Classifications– We received a lengthy proposal for M&R, MLS, MTS and MCT on this complex Article and are working through our counter proposal to the company.

We have not received any response regarding the Articles outlined below, it has become clear that the company is taking the position that these Article are of significant economic value to them.

We remain steadfast in our position that we achieve an industry leading contract in these and other Articles and welcome the leadership and presence of the Union Executive committee to join the negations in the not too distant future.

Overtime – M&R, MLS and MCT – This Article remains open and with the company, no further response from them was received this week. We remain steadfast in our positions on No mandatory overtime, limiting job continuation and pay for overtime bypass.

Vacation – M&R, MLS & MCT– This Article remains open and with the company, no further response from them was received this week

Holidays – M&R, MLS, MTS and MCT – This Article remains open and with the company, no further response from them was received this week

M&R= Mechanic & Related MLS= Material Logistics Specialists (Stores)

MTS– Maintenance Training Specialists MCT= Maintenance Control Technicians

*HOS = Hours of Service


Current TAs:

Purpose  Preamble  Safety & Health
Bulletin Boards  Uniforms MCT-Dress Attire
Sick Leave Leaves of Absence Part Time Employees/Eliminated
Absence from Duty Representation Probationary Period
Management Rights No Strike / No Lockout Fitness for Duty
Recognition of Rights and Compliance System Board of Adjustment/Arbitration  Temporary Employees/Eliminated
Furlough/Severance  Termination of Employment/Eliminated  Field Trip/Travel Pay
Shift Swaps (Change of Shift)  Training- M&R MCT MLS  Shift Swap MCT
Rebids, Hours of Service (HOS)  Ten Hour Shifts (HOS)  Realignment (HOS)
Reduction in Force (HOS) M&R, MLS & MCT Recall (HOS)  One Station Agreements
Limited Duty


Upcoming negotiating sessions:

DFW-Week of Feb. 13 QA, Planner & Tech Doc subcommittee only

DFW-Week of Feb. 20         DFW- Week of March 6



Mechanic and Related/Stores Committee:                                        

Jason Best              Mike Bush            Ken Coley            John Coveny

Dale Danker        Mark Human      Bennie Martino      Gary Peterson

Rollie Reaves       Sean Ryan        Jay Sleeman         Mark Strength


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