746A1411The TWU-IAM Association yesterday presented American Airlines with a comprehensive package of positions/proposals that will serve as the foundation to achieve joint collective bargaining agreements for 30,000 ground workers at the largest, most profitable airline.

Sito Pantoja and Harry Lombardo, Chair and Vice Chair of the Association, attended the opening of negotiations and reiterated to American management that only the industry’s best contracts will be acceptable and reminded them of the past sacrifices made by Association members that have enabled American to be the largest and most profitable airline in the world.

After the Association presented the positions/proposals to American, management representatives then caucused to take a cursory look at the openers. Management then returned, complimented the negotiating committees on their level of detail and prep work and agreed to set future bargaining dates.

Those dates will be announced when they are confirmed.

Click here to view the positions/proposals.