Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Fleet Update 10915Your TWU-IAM Fleet Service Negotiating Committee met this week in Dallas and continued reconciling both pre-merger collective bargaining agreements into one coherent, comprehensive joint contract proposal.

This necessary process has been intensive, time consuming and requires extreme scrutiny so that no area is overlooked. The interpretation and understanding of both contracts is paramount to our success and the future of all members of the Association.

We have made much progress toward our goal of completing the reconciliation process and getting to the table to negotiate the industry-best contract all Association members deserve.

We look forward to scheduling joint contract talks with American Airlines in the very near future. We understand the membership is anxious to begin bargaining and your negotiating committee is eager to begin joint bargaining as well.

We thank you for your patience and support.

In Solidarity,

Fleet Service Negotiations Committee:
Mark Baskett
Mike Fairbanks
Pete Hogan
Tim Hughes
Mike Mayes
Steve Miller
Brian Oyer
Pat Rezler
Art Risley
Andre Sutton
Rodney Walker
Bill Wilson

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