GboxUpdateFleet Service Update:

Sisters and brothers,

The Fleet Service Negotiating Committee met this week in Chicago, Illinois and continued to make progress in reconciling the TWU/IAM contracts.

This process is critical and extremely time consuming. Your committee believes that to best represent the memberships’ interests, we must be fully prepared to meet with the company in negotiations.

Contrary to rumors on the field, and interpretations stemming from comments made by the leadership of American Airlines during recent town hall meetings, American Airlines has not contacted the TWU/IAM Association to indicate that they are ready for negotiations.

The Fleet committee will meet again next week in Fort Worth, Texas to continue the reconciliation process.

In Solidarity,

Fleet Service Negotiations Committee:
Mark Baskett
Mike Fairbanks
Pete Hogan
Tim Hughes
Mike Mayes
Steve Miller
Brian Oyer
Pat Rezler
Art Risley
Andre Sutton
Rodney Walker
Bill Wilson

Mechanic and Related:

Brothers and Sisters,

As we work towards finalizing the reconciliation of the labor agreements, your committee will be prepared and looks forward to receiving the company’s proposals.

Your committee met in Chicago at the IAM District 141 headquarters this week and accomplished the following:

–Worked on the Mechanic and Related reconciliation process. We have completed most of the articles, including the insertion of the Safety and Health Article with the help of the safety committees from both properties.

–Worked on the MCT language with with the MCT subcommittee.
Began discussions with Technical Crew Chief Instructor/MTS.

–Worked through the reconciliation process for the Material logistics Specialist/Stores.

–Worked through the Letters of Agreement from the IAM contract and will continue the review of the TWU’s Letters of Memorandum the    week of October 12th in Dallas.

We remain steadfast in attaining an agreement that recognizes the commitment of our members, which allows American Airlines to continue to post their largest profits in history.

Your committee is scheduled to meet in Dallas for the week of October 12th through October 16th.

We thank you for your continued support, patience and solidarity.

Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiations Committee:

Jason Best
Mike Bush
Ken Coley
John Coveny
Dale Danker
Mark Huffman
Bennie Martino
Gary Peterson
Larry Pike
Sean Ryan
Jay Sleeman
Mark Strength

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