TWU.IAM.logo2Brothers and Sisters,

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways has created the largest airline in the world and your Negotiating Committee is tasked with preparing for joint negotiations with the New American Airlines. As we prepare for these negotiations your Committee is continuing the process of reconciling the labor agreements so we are prepared to respond once we receive the Company’s initial proposals.

Your Committee met in Dallas-Fort Worth at the TWU Air Transport Division office from August 31st through September 4th for Mechanic and Related groups including:

—Maintenance Control Technicians
—Title I-Aircraft Maintenance and Related
—Title II-GSE/Plant Maintenance
—Maintenance Training Specialists

In addition to the above groups, the reconciliation process also continued for the Material Logistics Specialists/Stores groups.

We ask for your patience as your Committee continues this complex task. We are committed to obtaining a joint agreement that recognizes the past sacrifices of TWU-IAM Association members, which has allowed American Airlines to post the largest profits in the carrier’s history.

The Mechanic and Related/Stores committee is scheduled to meet in Chicago for the week of September 28th through October 2nd.

Print and distribute the bulletin.


Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiating Committee

Jason Best
Mike Bush
Ken Coley
John Coveny
Dale Danker
Mark Huffman
Bennie Martino
Gary Peterson
Larry Pike
Sean Ryan
Jay Sleeman
Mark Strength