iam_twu_together-2To All American Airlines/US Airways Mechanic & Related, Fleet and Stores Employees:

Brother and Sister TWU/IAM Members:
We expect the National Mediation Board will finally soon issue its ruling affirming that American Airlines and US Airways are operating as a single carrier for the purpose of employee representation. TWU and the IAM jointly petitioned the NMB for this purpose in August, 2014.

This long overdue declaration by the NMB will clear away a major hurdle to the start of new contract negotiations covering the 30,000 members of our joint TWU/IAM Employee Association. The AA/US Airways merger and a surging economy have catapulted the carrier to record profits, while our members continue to work under pre-merger contracts.

Be assured that the leadership of both TWU and IAM are diligently preparing for negotiations and will fight for American Airlines workers to achieve our goal of industry leading contracts for our covered titles.

The solicitation of proposals among all groups is an important part of the pre-negotiation process. They will provide your leadership with the proper focus in developing Alliance proposals that accurately reflect your primary concerns.

The company may believe that they can play off one union against the other during negotiations. They would be incorrect. If there have been any bumps in the road during the building process of our new Association, those issues are largely behind us. Any unresolved issues or new issues as yet unforeseen will be addressed through the arbitration process outlined in the alliance agreement.

The Association is prepared to proceed to negotiations as soon as prudently possible after NMB certification. We will not let anything prevent us from delivering the industry’s premier contracts for our members. That is our goal, and our pledge. We trust that you will stand with the Association in a powerful united front to secure what is rightfully ours.

In solidarity,

Harry Lombardo                                                       Sito Pantoja
TWU International President                       IAM General Vice President

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