The National Mediation Board has requested the principles from both the Union and the Company reconvene at the offices of the National Mediation Board in Washington, D.C. for further discussions on April 30 and May 1, 2014. We have no indication that the Company has changed its position or that it plans to adequately address our bargaining issues. However the process requires that we meet when the Board calls us together.

Recently a letter was sent to Doug Parker, from the Union Labor Coalition of U S Airways (ULC). This letter resulted from discussions among the listed labor groups as to their experiences with management post-merger. This letter was also referenced in an article in

Your active support and participation in the informational picketing, leafleting and strike preparedness meetings is both gratifying and appreciated. Together we will prevail to bring about the stand alone agreements you deserve.


Tom Higginbotham                                           Rich Delaney

PDGC District 142                                          PDGC District 141