NMBThe National Mediation Board (NMB) has scheduled meetings between the principal representatives in the US Airways – IAM negotiations. The meetings are set for March 18 and 19, 2014 at the offices of the NMB in Washington, DC.

While preparations continue for a proffer of arbitration, rejection of that proffer and the establishment of a 30-day cooling off period, we plan to attend the meetings. The IAM will enter these meetings skeptical that US Airways management has changed its position that US Airways employees must accept a second-class contract.

The full negotiating committees from IAM Districts 141 and 142 will move their strike preparedness meetings to Washington, DC during that time in order to be responsive to the outcome of the meetings, whatever that outcome may be.

All members must continue their full-throated support of their negotiating committees and their unwavering support of the fight to achieve fair contracts before entering any merger related activity between US Airways and American Airlines.

Your Union, your leaders and your negotiating committees will not accept second class status for our IAM members. And, as you have made clear, neither will you!

In solidarity,

Rich Delaney                                                                Tom Higginbotham

President, IAM District 141                                       President, IAM District 142

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