USA FleetUS Airways fleet service workers gathered in Boston in a show of solidarity to demand their company do the right thing and offer a fair contract now.

IAM-represented fleet service, mechanic and related and maintenance training specialists have been in contract negotiation with US Airways for approximately three years but the airline has stonewalled the workers in negotiations.

The IAM requested a release from mediated talks mid last year so the workers could exercise their right to “self-help,” which would allow the workers to strike the carrier. The National Mediation Board (NMB) has the full authority to grant the release, but to date has balked.

The IAM represented US Airways workers have demanded a contract first before any workforce integration will be discussed. They understand the
USA Fleet 2 need for a strong contract that will benefit not only the IAM-represented workers at US Airways, but  also benefit the TWU-represented workers in similar classifications at pre-merger American Airlines.

The IAM and TWU have formed a representational alliance in which both unions will combine forces to represent the workers at the new American and bargain a joint contract that will eventually cover all workers that are part of the TWU-IAM Employee Associations.