In true “Fighting Machinist’s” fashion, US Airways Mechanics on the midnight shift in Pittsburgh show their support for the IAM.

More and more US Airways Mechanics have been confirming their support for the IAM as the facts regarding the Teamster’s record in the airline industry are becoming known.

“We support the IAM in Pittsburgh,” said US Airways Mechanic Bill Hollowood. “We will not allow Teamster misinformation and empty promises risk our retirement and job security. We intend to make sure every US Airways Mechanic is fully aware of the all the facts so he or she can cast an informed vote.”

“We’ve went through tough times together and our unity and solidarity has pulled us through,” said PIT Mechanic Bruce Mead. “The IAM has been here through thick and thin and we’re not going to switch unions for slogans and smoke blowing. Is the IAM perfect? No, no organization is. But at least we have the right to vote on our representatives and control our union. That’s not the case with the Teamsters.”

IAM members continue outreach efforts to communicate with their brothers and sisters around the system and are being met with solid support.