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American, AGAIN, Shows Their Corporate Greed

April 4, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The Association leadership met with American Airlines executive management Wednesday, April 3rd in Washington, DC. The idea was to have an unfiltered discussion with company decision makers to, hopefully, break the logjam in negotiations.

The lower level company negotiators had reached the end of their authority and steadfastly continued their concessionary demands that the Association give up healthcare options that already exist, accept inferior retirement provisions and allow our work to be outsourced. Your negotiators refuse to accept these concessionary demands.

The higher level executives doubled down at the meeting by reinforcing all of the company concessionary demands. They unflinchingly argued that their proposals should be good enough for the Association workforce to accept. They glowed about the future rosy outlook for the company while simultaneously stating that the workforce should shrink and be happy about it.

Consider this: over a 5-year period, American Airlines has authorized that $15 billion of company money be spent to buy back company stock. The cost of our contracts, with all of our proposals including work protections, would only be a fraction of that money. The leadership of this company is clearly driven by greed over consideration of the long term survival of its workforce.

Sisters and Brothers, we are in the fight of our careers. The executive leadership of this company has made it perfectly clear that they will not play fair.

The choice for every Association represented member is to either lay down and accept this or clearly and unambiguously let the company know you refuse. Your Association leadership has already let them know we are in for the fight.

The rest is up to you.


Your Association Negotiating Committees

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PDF: Association Bulletin 4:4



Association Negotiations Update

March 26, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

If American Airlines wants to throw down their version of facts from two people who have never participated in a negotiating session, that’s their prerogative, we’ll throw down the real facts from those who were actually there. 

Fact: The Mediators assigned by the NMB were informed by the lead Company negotiator that he was not permitted to reach any agreement on the most important outstanding issues. In an attempt to break the logjam, the Mediators made an attempt to involve higher ranking Company executives to meet with our Executive negotiating team, including the Association Director and Vice Director. The Association offered to meet where the Director and Vice Director could attend, in Chicago, IL. The Company Executives elected not to travel the next day to meet but have agreed to meet on an alternate future date. Instead of returning to the table to seriously negotiate, the Company negotiators and the Mediators wasted a day going to meet with AA Executives, anyway. Remember, the Company can talk to themselves anytime – they don’t need to waste valuable negotiating time in non-productive, one-sided meetings among themselves.

Fact: The Company lead negotiator made it very clear on Tuesday, March 19, in front of the mediators, that AA refuses to bargain further unless the Association made concessions on healthcare and Scope provisions in all contracts. The Association made it clear that we were willing to negotiate on every aspect of the contract, but we were not going to negotiate concessions on healthcare, Scope, retirement and other areas that are LESS THAN WHAT WE ARE STARTING WITH – WHAT WE HAVE TODAY!

Fact: The Company’s communication, actually signed by senior vice presidents, flatly distorts the proposals made by their negotiators and the positions of the Association negotiators. They are either lying or they totally ignorant of what is going on at the bargaining table.

Fact: The Association is not divided – there are no IAM proposals and there are no TWU proposals. All of our positions are to benefit all Association represented members and to achieve the best contracts in the industry. We intend to achieve this without bowing to AA’s bargaining threats to extremely diminish our livelihoods.

Fact: Every Association represented member has sacrificed through concessions and bankruptcies. We paid the price to save our companies and create the environment for the merger that formed the largest airline in the world. We will not sell out, we will not concede more. It is time for every Association represented member to make American Airlines understand that they must get serious at the table to finish these negotiations. The Company must hear from you that their miscommunication garbage will not work.

Fact: If American were to have offered to “Guarantee” 15 mechanics per aircraft, into the future, we would sign that scope proposal tomorrow. With 962 aircraft, that would equal 14,540 mechanics. American has never “guaranteed the Association headcount in the future.” It is absolutely clear that AA is attempting to outsource huge swaths of our current scope, including offshoring maintenance work to foreign soil.

Fact: The NMB had ex-parte negotiations with American Airlines senior leadership and four members of senior management had agreed to, on less than 24 hours-notice, “make themselves available for two hours to meet with us, from 8am to 10am, Wednesday morning.” We did not believe 2 hours was enough time and offered to meet all day in Chicago. The Company proved they’re not interested in serious bargaining because they rejected that offer!  The next morning, the mediators again met with senior AA leadership, and their negotiating team at Headquarters until 1 pm, which seemed odd since the Senior leadership could “only make themselves available for two hours for the Association Leadership.” More evidence of the company’s deceitfulness.

We have now agreed to meet with the Company on April 3 in Washington, DC at a neutral location, in order to close out the agreement.

Fact: Jerry Glass made it very clear on Tuesday, March 19 in front of the mediators, that he had no room to move unless the Association made concessions on the Company’s medical proposal. The Association’s Committee made it clear that we were willing to negotiate on every aspect of the contract, but we were not going to negotiate against ourselves by making concessions on our medical proposal unless the Company agreed to move off their “take it or leave it” demand on our “Health & Welfare proposal” that goes well beyond the medical plan.

Fact: On the morning of Thursday, March 21 the Company explained that they may have something they can do regarding the “Health & Welfare” proposal but they would not know for a while if they would be able to do it. We agreed that we would be interested in fully understanding their “proposed concept” on a piece of the Health & Welfare proposal, but this was only a piece of the puzzle and they still needed to respond with the rest.

Fact: Our proposal is that all “Association Members” receive full retro, from the Company back to the amendable date.

To summarize, our position is based on sound logic that this membership has sacrificed in bankruptcy to save our work, pay for what we have and create the environment for USAir and American to merge into the largest airline in the world. There is absolutely no reason to give up any more! There is no basis for the Company to demand more in concessions because American is reaping record profits.

Let’s not forget that Doug Parker said, “We’re never going to lose money again.” Is this another play on words, and Doug actually meant the “We” as in only him and his leadership team? While negotiations are about give and take, American thinks they can fool us with hourly pay offers while they take everything else that matters. They call it the “Best Contract in The Industry?” Not by a long shot with their take-it-or-leave-it proposals.

The truth is AA is hell-bent on capturing massive concessions for each and every station and workgroup, leaving us with far less in real compensation and loss of security for the far fewer remaining jobs. Their promise of “you will have a job” doesn’t come with any promise of keeping the work you do, replacing workers as they leave the workforce or advancing our seniority for shift, day off improvement or choice of other work as those workers leave the seniority list. What it does come with is a guarantee that your seniority will mean less in the future than it ever has in the past.

There are only three scheduled days of negotiations left with no additional dates scheduled by the mediators. Those dates are April 23-25 in Fort Lauderdale. It appears that we are headed for a very long and hot summer, remaining behind our peers in the industry.


Your Association Negotiating Committees

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PDF: AA Bulletin Update March 26 2019FINAL

Association Negotiations Update

February 15, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

Negotiations continued in Atlanta this week. The Executive Negotiators and the full negotiating committees continued working together at each step of the process and all were fully updated.

The company’s hard-line attack on the work Association members do, our Scope, continued throughout the week. The Association’s basic Scope proposals remain to secure the work we do today in all classifications. Our Scope proposals are a near zero cost to the company, since it is work we are performing today, yet company negotiators continue to insist we concede and give away that work.

It is unconscionable that the largest airline in the world, making billions annually in profits, is fighting to take away our security and rights to better shifts or days off by demanding more outsourcing. Their CEO has publicly boasted “We will never lose money again,” but, yet, American is proposing we accept a contract that would outsource 2,200 Heavy Maintenance jobs, allows them to almost double the amount of Line Maintenance work now done in foreign countries, grants them the power to transfer Stores and GSE work to vendors, decimates our facilities maintenance membership and outsources Fleet Service work as they see fit.

Company negotiators continue to demand we accept inferior health care plans without having a say in their cost or plan design. Finally, even if all other elements of the JCBA had come together in this week’s negotiating session, American still demands we accept less in retirement than exists today or what other employees receive.

Your Association Negotiators will not bring a JCBA to the membership that is concessionary in benefits, work rules, and annual compensation nor further diminish our Scope to pay for it.

With the company’s ongoing onerous demands, this may be shaping up to be a very long, hot summer and not just because of the weather. We hope cooler heads can prevail, but with just six more negotiating days scheduled by the NMB, it seems American negotiators have painted themselves into a corner.

For over three years, American leadership has made us promises of industry-leading contracts. The time is now to deliver on those promises.

We must continue to prepare for the fight of our careers. By standing together as one, in solidarity to preserve our jobs and our livelihood, we will prevail.

Future mediation dates scheduled:

  • The week of March 18 DFW
  • The week of April 22 FLL


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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PDF: Association Bulletin 2:15:19


February 9, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The Association Executive Committee met with the assigned mediators and a member of the National Mediation Board to gain a better understanding of the remaining open items. The robust dialogue was productive and ensured the meetings would continue throughout the week.

We were able to resolve and TA the M&R/MLS Field Trip guidelines. We addressed the Fleet Crew Chief duties as part of our Classifications and Scope discussions. That section is settled, leaving the remainder of these Articles to be resolved.

In Atlanta next week, we will continue to seek a resolution to the Fleet Service Classifications and Qualifications Articles. We will also refocus next week’s discussions in Atlanta on the open Scope items for all groups.

The Executive Negotiating Committee continues to update the full negotiating committee each step of the way and, foolishly, the Company believes that our members are willing to make Scope concessions that will pay for the pay raises and other gains in this contract. American Airlines must recognize that this membership will not fall for fool’s gold just to reach an agreement and that we have every intention of achieving the best contract in the industry.

Our membership sacrificed through bankruptcies and concessions in order for American to become the world’s largest and most successful airline. The time is now for this membership to be recognized and rewarded for those sacrifices. American Airlines must understand: if it takes a fight to get there, it is a fight they shall have.

Company Executives have spent billions on stock buybacks that enrich themselves and Wall Street. It is an insult they are not willing to spend what it takes to protect our work, health care, retirement benefits and increase our pay.

Company negotiators made it as clear as they could – they want us to concede the work we do. Their proposals and positions at the bargaining table attack every Association classification. They want to eliminate massive numbers of jobs in overhaul maintenance, increase the amount of line maintenance that can be performed by others internationally, decimate the skill and amount of facilities maintenance performed in-house, and vendor out any Fleet work they see fit. Every classification is affected by these draconian Company proposals.

While all the other benefits of our contracts are important, none is more important than the guarantee that our work will be here for us. If you are an Association member reading this message, you are part of this fight. Standing together, we shall prevail!

Future mediation dates scheduled:

  • The week of February 11- ATL
  • The week of March 18- DFW
  • The week of April 22- FLL


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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American Struggles To Say Yes

Throughout this week, the Association Executive Negotiating Committee members continued to present reasonable proposals in an effort to reach a JCBA. While some conversations discussed across the bargaining table seemed to reach “supposal agreements in principle,” written proposals returned from the Company continued to revert to their take-it or leave-it positions. In other words, the Company could not find their way to “yes” without a caveat giving them unilateral rights to do whatever they want.

At the direction of the mediators, discussions centered largely on the Fleet Service Scope and Classification, M&R/MLS Field Trip Procedures, and the Duration Article. A tentative agreement was reached on the Duration Article; however, pay raises beyond the amendable date were shifted to wage discussions.

We closed the week without significant progress on resolving the Fleet Scope issues. Your negotiating committee remains firm in protecting the work we do in the locations that we do that work. That commitment was strongly conveyed to the Company. We are hopeful the Company recognizes that we need to protect our work and will come prepared to get that done in our next session in Washington, D.C.

The full negotiating committees were in Ft. Lauderdale to support, provide input, and caucus with the Executive Negotiating Committee; including real-time updates throughout the day. The Association remains committed to achieving the compensation, healthcare, retirement, and job security that our members deserve. Your continued support and solidarity are both appreciated and necessary to reach the JCBA you rightfully deserve.


Your Association Negotiating Committees

Future Mediation Sessions scheduled:

  • February 6, 7, 8 DCA
  • February 12, 13, 14 ATL
  • If necessary, additional days in March to be determined

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Association Negotiations Update

January 18, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The TWU/IAM Association Executive Negotiating Committee this week met in full session with American Airlines under the auspices of National Mediation Board Mediators, Jim Mackenzie and Eva Durham, in San Francisco, CA. In addition to the executive committee, the full negotiating committees were also in San Francisco to support and caucus with the executive committee.

All members of the negotiating committees had the opportunity to meet with the mediators and were fully engaged in the process. We had input on all discussions and received real-time activity reports from the negotiating table. The previously agreed to agenda set forth the goals for the week.

The first day of the session was dedicated to presenting the Association’s entire position for all groups on all open economic pay elements to both the mediators and the company.

The second day was dedicated to presenting the Association’s entire position for all groups on all facets of health & welfare (insurance of all types) to the mediators and the company.

The 3rd day was dedicated to the duration of the agreement, field trip guidelines and other open JCBA language items.

Some progress was made, however, significant work remains.

Scheduled negotiating dates are:

  • January 29, 30, 31 FLL
  • February 6, 7, 8 DCA
  • February 12, 13, 14 ATL
  • And an additional week in March – specific dates to be determined.

The Association is committed to achieving the compensation, healthcare, retirement and job security that our members have sacrificed for and deserve. Your continued support and solidarity are both appreciated and necessary to reach these goals.


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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PDF: Association Bulletin 1:18:19


December 15, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

THE TWU/IAM Association executive negotiating committee participated on a conference call conducted by National Mediation Board mediators yesterday, December 14, 2018. Negotiators from American Airlines also participated.

The mediators recapped the remaining open items to be negotiated. They also set the agenda and negotiating schedule for the beginning of 2019. The Association presented our objections to the Company’s proposal covering Field Trip Guidelines for M&R and MLS members and further discussion towards resolution will take place in SFO, as time permits.

The next face-to-face negotiations are scheduled for January 15-17 in San Francisco. Topics to be discussed are open economic pay elements, health & welfare (insurance), duration of the agreement, field trips and other open contract language items.

We were successful in obtaining additional negotiating dates on the calendar. Scheduled negotiating dates are:

  • January 15, 16, 17
  • January 29, 30, 31
  • February 6, 7, 8
  • February 12, 13, 14

And an additional week in March – specific dates to be determined

Our objective is to reach an agreement as soon as possible without having to use all of our scheduled dates. However, this Association is committed to achieving the compensation, healthcare, retirement and job security that our members have earned and deserve. Your continued support and solidarity are both appreciated and necessary to reach these goals.

We wish all of our members a safe and happy holiday season.


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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PDF: Association Bulletin 12:15:2018

Association, American Hold Joint Conference Call

November 16, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

As previously announced, the Association leadership of Mike Mayes, Tim Klima, Tom Regan, Gary Peterson, and Andre Sutton participated in a joint conference call with the NMB mediators assigned to assist in our JCBA negotiations and American Airlines Management Negotiators, including Jerry Glass, representing the company.  The mediators, Eva Durham and Jim McKenzie, are now responsible for setting the agenda, including dates for the mediated sessions.

The mediators opened the call requesting the parties discuss the differences between our proposals on the duration article of the agreement.  The Association has proposed a methodology that includes wage increases that would keep us ahead of Delta and United past the amendable date on an annual basis and an early contract reopened; the company has opposed both of these items which we believe protect our members.

The second discussion involved the Health & Welfare provisions of the agreement.  The mediators wanted the Association to provide them a list of all Health & Welfare related items, not positions on them, but a list of the Health & Welfare items that we are bargaining for in these negotiations. While many members often think of Health & Welfare as the cost of medical benefits, there are many other components that make up the insurance article in the CBA.  Other Health and Welfare items that must be negotiated include dental, life, vision, accidental death and dismemberment, short term and long term disability, just to name a few.  Insurance components that the Association must negotiate include the elimination, or at the very least, limit changes in insurance plan designs and annual costs, the ability to audit any of the plans our members participate in, and a retiree medical insurance bridge; just to name a few.  The mediators have set Health & Welfare as the primary agenda item for the next face-to-face negotiating session in January.

The final item discussed on this call by the mediators had to do with the M&R and Stores “Field Trip Procedures” that need to be reviewed and negotiated to a final conclusion.

It is critical for the membership to recognize that the Health & Welfare, Retirement, and Scope Clause of each agreement is just as important as the Compensation Article.  It is critical to remember the more the Company takes from your paycheck in these areas to offset their burden, the less each union member takes home. And without a SCOPE, seniority and future job security mean very little.

As we move forward through this process, we will continue to update the membership. Our next interaction with the NMB mediators will be another conference call on December 14, 2018, at 1 pm eastern.  The Association will provide the membership with an official update shortly after the call.

In closing and as a reminder, the Association leadership remains committed to meeting anytime, anywhere, in order to reach the JCBA our members can overwhelmingly ratify.  The Company continues to hide behind the NMB as the reason they choose not to negotiate between scheduled sessions.


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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PDF Version: Association Bulletin 11:16:2018

Association Participates in Mediated Negotiations

October 31, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

The TWU-IAM Association met with American Airlines October 30 in Dallas, TX for mediated negotiations under the supervision of the National Mediation Board. The purpose of this first mediated session was to bring the Federal mediators up to speed on the status of our negotiations.

Areas covered were compensation, healthcare, retirement, work protections (scope) and the remaining open language issues. The Association clearly restated our demands that our work is protected in any final agreement. We also reiterated our positions on the other economic issues. The meeting was cordial and produced final TAs on MLS and Fleet holidays as well as M&R Qualifications.

The Association held firm that the number of negotiating sessions was inadequate and that we need more frequent meetings. The Company did not object and the mediators set forth the following schedule:

  • By conference call November 15 and December 14.
  • Face to face meetings January 15-17, January 29-31, February 6-8 and February 12-14.

Our objective has been and remains to bring to the membership the best contract in the airline industry.

Anything less is unacceptable!


Your Association Executive Negotiating Committee

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PDF: Association Bulletin 10:31:2018

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