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Electronic Ratification Voting

Due to worsening circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus crisis in the United States, the TWU/IAM Association leadership has been working on an alternate method, in the voting procedures, for the ratification of the tentative Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements with American Airlines. This exception to the normal voting process will convert the process from paper, in-person ballots, to allow for individual electronic voting by internet. This change will allow all eligible voters to cast a ballot in an environment they feel is safe and free from the threat of spreading the virus or becoming infected by it. Your safety is our top priority in this process.

The Association will utilize the same vendor for the process that is used by the National Mediation Board in their electronic representation elections, BALLOTPOINT.

BALLOTPOINT will issue each voter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by USPS to their address on file with American Airlines. This mailing will include instructions of how each voter will use the BALLOTPOINT portal to vote.

BALLOTPOINT is also going to send an email to each voter’s American Airlines email account. Within that email will be a link with the same Access Code sent by mail, along with voting instructions. A voter may sign on to their American Airlines email through JetNet on the day of the vote, open the BALLOTPOINT email, click on the link and be logged in to the secure portal to cast their ballot.

The email is being sent in case the PIN and voting instructions do not arrive by regular mail in time for to vote.

Voting will be conducted beginning at 6:00 am Eastern, Wednesday, March 25th and will conclude at 8:00 pm Eastern, on Thursday, March 26th.

This voting method is private and secure. Results of the vote will be provided to Association leadership promptly after the polls close and results will then be provided to our membership.

If you have any questions, please address them to your local union representatives.

Association Concludes JCBA Review

TWU-IAM Association representatives have concluded reviewing the final JCBA documents and have authorized the company to print and mail full-text contracts to all members. Each member will receive the contract pertaining to your classification. Also included in the mailing will be a letter from TWU-IAM Association Director Sito Pantoja and TWU-IAM Association Vice Director Alex Garcia.

Voting will take place on Thursday, March 26. Specific information regarding voting locations and times will soon be available on TWU local and IAM local and district websites along with the Association website.

For your consideration, please view the letter, full-text contracts and highlight booklets below. 

Association Concluding JCBA Review

This week, TWU-IAM Association representatives continued the process of reviewing tentatively agreed to Joint Contract language. Late Friday evening, the Executive Committee finalized the remaining documents necessary to put the contracts together for membership review, before ballots are cast.

The work that Association representatives have been engaged in during the last four weeks has been arduous and time consuming but vitally important. We must ensure that every word in these agreements is correct and that nothing has been overlooked, so TWU-IAM members receive documents to review and vote on that reflect the contract that was made by both parties. We will not sacrifice thoroughness for any reason, and we appreciate the patience and support of the entire Association membership during this process.

Over this weekend, our plan is to review the final documents and to authorize the airline to prepare the contracts for printing and distribution. Next week, the Association negotiating committees will be meeting with TWU-IAM representatives on Monday and Tuesday to review the content of the tentative Agreements. The critical agreement covering implementation of some terms of the Agreements remains to be finalized. Once done, the contracts will be complete.

We anticipate the T/A’s will be released online, Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, after completing the review of the agreements with TWU-IAM representatives.

Again, we appreciate your patience and support as we bring this process to conclusion.

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Contract Language Talks Progress

The full negotiating committees continued to meet this week in Dallas, TX to write the remaining language needed to secure the final contract from the Agreement in Principle made with American Airlines. With a few exceptions, the bulk of that work is now done.

Our next task is to work with our attorneys to finalize the language that properly protects our industry leading 401(k) contributions, pension contributions, and profit sharing. It is important to make sure these critical elements are unambiguous. These core tenants of the new agreement are extremely valuable to members while they are working and when they retire, so we must ensure they are foundationally sound. It is our goal to get this exercise done in our meetings next week.

The final piece of the JCBA will be to reach an implementation schedule with the company. We all expect the benefits of these bargaining sessions to come to us as quickly and as reasonably as possible. This is not assured without written agreements outlining the timeframes of when the changes will start.

While it may seem to be a long process to finalize this deal, it is the intent of your negotiators that we get everything that was bargained for, that it is done right and that you know what to expect. We have spent years in a tough fight and we cannot short circuit the negotiations at the end, just to expedite the process. 

Your continued patience and support is appreciated – it is what got us here. This industry best contract will prove that the time it has taken was worth it! 

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Contract Language Update

The Association negotiating team met this week with the company in Dallas, TX to continue finalizing contract language to bring our Agreements in Principle (AIPs) back to the membership as complete Tentative Agreements for your consideration.

Making sure the contract language is accurate for this historic ratification vote by our members is a critical step in the process, but this phase is moving closer to a conclusion. The negotiating team is meeting with the company again next week with the intent on finalizing all language. 

When all language is finalized, complete text of all agreements will be posted on the Association website, followed shortly thereafter by copies being mailed to all members.

We appreciate your patience as we complete this tedious work in finalizing the T/A language. As always, Association representatives are on the shop floor ready to answer any questions or provide clarification about the AIPs. 

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Association and American Meet to Finalize Language

As previously announced, the TWU-IAM Association reached Agreements in Principle (AIP) last week with American Airlines on five new Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements (JCBAs). The five-year accords run through 2025. 

This week, Association negotiating committee members met with company representatives in Fort Lauderdale, FL to begin finalizing contract language to bring our Agreements in Principle back to you as complete Tentative Agreements for your consideration. This time-consuming work is necessary for accurate full text documents to be presented to the membership before ratification voting begins. We expect this process to take a few weeks. 

The parties this week finalized the proposed base wage scales and associated premiums going forward, and those rates for each group accompanies this update. 

We ask for your continued patience as we continue the work to bring you complete details on the premier collective bargaining agreements in the industry. 

Agreements in Principle

After more than four years of bargaining, the TWU-IAM Association is proud to announce we have reached Agreements in Principle with American Airlines for five new joint collective bargaining agreements (JCBAs) worth $4.2 billion, covering more than 30,000 Mechanic & Related, Fleet Service, Maintenance Control, MLS/Stores and Maintenance Training Specialist members. 

The Association negotiating committees must finalize and proof contract language on agreed upon provisions of the tentative contracts, and the parties will continue to meet to accomplish that task. This process could take a few weeks. Preliminary highlight sheets are attached to this bulletin, but the final, complete contract language will be available to all members. In addition to being posted on union websites, the complete agreement will be mailed to each member’s home before voting begins.

After the final language is finalized, membership ratification details and voting information will be announced. 

When negotiations began, the Association negotiating committees were faced with the tremendous challenge of combining dissimilar, mature contracts negotiated by different unions with different airlines into JCBAs for the new American Airlines. From the outset, we had a decision to make: get a quick agreement, or get the right agreement for Association members, regardless of how difficult, lengthy and contentious that process would be. As you review the complete terms of the contracts, you will see that we chose the correct path.

Your negotiating committees recommend ratification of these agreements.

These Agreements in Principle will provide all Association members with wages, benefits, work rules, job security and retirement income that had never before been accomplished. Total compensation (wages, premiums, retirement, and profit sharing) is the richest in the industry. Not only are all Association members’ jobs protected in their locations, but more importantly, we were able to protect the work we do. The considerable benefits to all members will be immediately apparent.

Nothing in these Agreements in Principle would have been possible without the support, solidarity and patience of the membership. We ask for your continued patience as we complete and proof every word so you can be presented with all the information you need to make an informed decision when you vote on ratification.

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Negotiations Update

Sisters and Brothers,

Negotiations between the Association and American Airlines resumed today in Washington, DC. with some progress made. The remaining outstanding issues are few, but are some of the most important elements of a collective bargaining agreement, including wages and job scope language.

The parties will continue negotiations tomorrow, and the membership will be updated as developments occur. Your solidarity has brought us close to an agreement, and your committee thanks you as we try to conclude these negotiations. 

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